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Unlocking Success with Clover

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Unlocking Success with Clover: Your Ultimate Clover POS System Guide

Upgrading your legacy Point of Sale systems? Or installing a modern POS system for the first time?

Finding the right POS system for your business can increase customer satisfaction, save you time, and transform your financial data into valuable business insights.

Clover provides one of the most popular and flexible modern POS systems on the market. With many hardware options, an extensive app store, and cloud-based financial tools, Clover is a great fit for your small business, restaurant business, retail business, or food truck.

Let’s look at the benefits of Clover POS systems, and how they can drive your small business success.

Looking for a new POS system, or upgrading your legacy POS systems? Contact Cornerstone today and talk to an expert.

A POS System with Specialized Hardware Options

Clover has one of the most extensible and flexible hardware options of any modern POS system.

Suppose you’re looking for a fast and powerful base of traditional POS hardware, there’s the Clover Station Duo. It has dual screens (one for you, and one for the customer), a high-speed receipt printer, and a cash drawer.

For a smaller setup, there’s the Clover Mini. It’s a single-screen station but has plenty of power for fast, reliable transactions.

Need something you can take anywhere? The Clover Flex is a powerful mobile POS system you can take on the go. It’s a must for food trucks and pop-ups.

Accepting payments on the go? Pair the Clover Go card reader with your phone, and accept payments anywhere you have a wifi or cellular connection.

You can seamlessly integrate new hardware into your sales system, even if your business has multiple locations. Cornerstone can help you find the right hardware options.

Quick Setup

Plug it in, power it up, and connect to your network. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve configured your inventory in the Clover Cloud, every device in your POS system can access it, and be ready to use immediately.

Ease of Use

Clover’s ease of use may be its biggest selling point. Their POS software interface was designed to look and act like your smartphone. It’s easy and intuitive, and your staff will be using it in no time.

Customer Convenience

Let customers pay however they want, wherever they want. Credit and debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payments.

With mobile hardware options like the Clover Flex, you can process payments tableside or curbside, print receipts with the built-in receipt printer, or send digital receipts.

Clover helps you deliver top-notch customer convenience, wherever your customers are.

Manage Inventory and Employees

Clover POS systems do more than just sales. You also get inventory management tools. Manage menus, merchandise, and service offerings. Track sales and stock levels in real-time. You can even track expiration dates for perishable items. Managing inventory has never been easier.

Clover’s Employee management tools allow you to track hours, set up roles, track transactions by employee, and more.


Clover POS systems have point-to-point data encryption. You can trust that your transactions are safe from card swipe to finish.

Clover’s data processing is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. The Clover Cloud has multiple layers of protection, so your inventory data, sales data, store data, and customer data are secure as well.

Data-Driven Insights

Clover’s cloud-based software provides real-time sales reports across multiple locations from anywhere. Track sales by location, by time, and spot trends as they’re happening.

You’ll also get predictive analytics so you can forecast future sales performance, anticipate demand, and plan accordingly.

The Clover App Store

Add even more functionality using the Clover app store. Pay bills, manage payroll, connect with customers, and create customer loyalty programs. The App Store lets you customize your POS system, and make it as unique as your business.

And new apps are being added all the time.

The Best POS System for You and Your Business

With multiple hardware options and ease of use, it’s not surprising Clover has become a leading POS provider.

Cornerstone can help you design the perfect POS solution for your business. Retail stores, restaurants, or any small business – we have a solution that fits your needs.

Find the best POS for your business. Contact Cornerstone today and talk to an expert.

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